Formal Application form

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1Please attach and send the required documents and informations from this form.

2Please sign and reply to the electronic proxy form we will send you.

This is all you have to do.

Please wait 5 months for the decision on your pension payment!

ID card example

Our Total Fee: 30,000 JPY (Pension application & 20% tax refund. Everything follow up.)

Process: Click here to the detail review process.

✅Even if your documents are uncertain, please send them first. We will review the documents and follow up with you.

✅Please give us a clear picture. Please use an application like Cam Scanner. 

Your Full Name



Date of birth

Your home address in your country (Not Japanese address)

Date of departure from Japan

How long have you worked in Japan?

Bank name

Bank account number (Your own account)

Bank Swift Code


Please submit your photo page and the stamp page from when you left Japan.

・Your photo page


・exit stamp page

2. Zairyu card

Please submit your zairyu card. (front and back sides)

Please make sure the address on the card is your last address in Japan.

If different, please provide additional information in the comment box below.

・Your zairyu card (front side)

・Your zairyu card (back side)

3. NENKIN TECHO(Blue Book)

Please submit a copy of the page with your nenkin number.

-If you don’t have a blue book, please let us know the Nenkin Number, or name and address of the company you worked via comment box below.


・NENKIN-TECHO (number page)

4. Account certificate(statement)

Please submit the certificate of your bank account. Account name must be your own account

Please make sure that bank name, branch name, and account number are clear.

Note: YUCHO Bank cannot be specified.


・Account certificate (your own account )

5. Others

Please attach other reference documents(Not necessary). If you have these docs, please attach it.

・転出証明書(The document proves that you left the municipality.)

・社会保険被保険者資格 喪失届

・年金決定通知書(Pension entitlement letter )


・Other mailings and documents related to the pension




Coupon Code

・If you receive the lump-sum withdrawal payment, your pension records in Japan will disappear.

・All information and documents you have submitted are true.

・If there is unpaid tax, it may be offset against the refund.


Please confirm the contents on the next page and submit.

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we will always reply within one business day. If you do not hear from us, please contact us.

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