For the 20% tax refund support only.

We can provide support for the 20% tax refund process only.

Many individuals have successfully applied for and received their pensions on their own. In such cases, they get only 80% of the total pension amount. The remaining 20% is deducted as taxes by the Japanese tax authorities.

The following documents are required for the 20% refund process:

1.Pension decision notice (original)
2.Passport photo page and exit stamp page
3.Both sides of your residence card
4.Your bank information for the refund payment

The pension decision notice requires the “original” document.

However, if you don’t have the original, we can apply for a reissue from the Japan Pension Service (JPS). This process takes approximately 2 months.

If you have the original, please send it to our office in Japan, because it is faster than reissuing a new one.
We strongly recommend using private delivery services like DHL or UPS, as there have been cases of delays or non-delivery with postal services in various countries. Please provide the tracking number and estimated arrival date if available.

FEE: 25,000 yen.(Limited time offer)

There is no additional charge for the reissue of the pension decision notice.
When making the request, please indicate “20% refund only” in the comment section and submit your information through this address.

We look forward to hearing from you.