Old-age pension

1.What is Japanese Old-age pension?

If you have been a member of the Japanese pension system for at least 10 years,

You are eligible to receive the old-age pension from the age of 60.

Those who have paid more than 10 years of Employees’ Pension Insurance premiums or National Pension Insurance premiums in Japan,

Regardless of their nationality, they are entitled to receive the Japanese old-age pension from the age of 60.

This 10-year period includes, for example, the period during which you are a dependent or exempt from payment.

You can also apply for your old-age nenkin from outside of Japan and have it paid into a foreign bank account.

If you are eligible to receive an old-age pension, you cannot apply for a lump-sum withdrawal payment.

This is not optional. If the conditions are met, the switch is automatic.

2.We can assist your claim.

Old-age pension can be applied for even by overseas residents.
In that case, the money will be transferred to your local account from JPS directly.

Those who worked in Japan in the past may have omitted to claim.
You may be able to file a claim if any of the following apply

・Are you 60 years old or older?
・Have you worked in Japan for more than 10 years?
・Do you know your Japanese pension number?

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3. Claim Flow

Ⅰ.Investigation of Estimated Amount
First, we will do a preliminary investigation and report on how much pension you are entitled to receive.  

Please send us the following required documents by e-mail.

Required Documents
・Passport, face photo
・Residence card (if you have)
・Pension number
・Account information for the account to which you wish to transfer the money.
・We will ask you for other necessary information by e-mail.

We prepare all the documents, verify them, and file the claim with the Pension Service.

To apply, you will need the original resident card issued by the local government and other documents.
You will need to actually mail the documents to our office.

Please contact us at this address.  

4.Fees and charges

Basic fee:60,000 yen (from investigation to application)

If the investigation only, we will charge 30,000 yen.
The fee will be transferred to our account after the pension transfer is completed.

Success Fee
Pension is usually applied for in order to receive it from now on.
However, in rare cases, there are unpaid pensions.
By filing a claim, you may be able to receive pension benefits retroactively. (up to 5 years).
In such cases, 10% of the unpaid pension amount will be charged as a contingency fee in addition to the basic fee.