Lump-sum Withdrawal of Japan Pensions.

Did you know that the pension payments deducted from your paycheck can be refunded?

We, a licensed nenkin expert agency, apply for Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment on your behalf. Only certified social insurance consultants can offer Lump-Sum application outsourcing services.

We can check everything and apply with no flaws. We are here to help you. Please feel free to contact us.

Pension refund procedure

All nationalities are welcome

Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment can be claimed by anyone who meets the below conditions regardless of nationality and residency status.
Applicants vary, such as expatriates, university tutors, and technical intern trainees.

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Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment is the system that prevents transient foreigners who paid insurance from losing all the money they paid.

Typically, your pension payments are automatically taken out of your paycheck while working in Japan.

However, you can withdraw some of the nenkin you’ve paid by claiming a lump-sum to the Japan Pension Service (JPS) when/after leaving Japan.

What are the requirements for applying?

  • You are not a Japanese citizen
  • You don’t have a Japanese home address
  • You paid pension insurance for more than 6 months, less than 10 years.
  • You are not entitled to receive any nenkin
  • You left Japan within two years (Your rights to get Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment is resolved by prescription in two years)

If you meet the above conditions, you are eligible for a lump-sum!

25,000 achievements

We’ve helped more than 25,000 foreigners apply for Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payments.

We have an excellent track record in this field and have received stellar reviews from them.

User reviews

Outstanding service

Rated 5 out of 5

Thank you very much for being available on the internet to provide this pension money service to foreigners especially who are living outside Japan. Without your service, it couldn’t possible for me to get the pension service. When I got to know your website, I knew that the information on this website is totally reliable and if there were some any questions related to this, the concerned person was easily available. It was very easy to communicate and share any details with them.

Thank you very much for your outstanding service. 

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Sahib Kaur (INDIA)

How Much You Get?

A woman who succeeded in repaying her pension

The case of interpreter Mai-san.

  • working period 35 months (35 months coefficient is 2.7)
  • average monthly salary 250,000JPY

2.7×250,000 yen= 675,000 yen

A man who succeeded in repaying her pension

The case of expatriate Jack-san.

  • working period 90 months (90 months coefficient is 5.5)
  • average monthly salary 650,000 yen

5.5 x 650,000 yen = 3,575,000 yen

1. Select Pension Type


2. Work period

3. Average Monthly Salary

*Average monthly salary is calculated by dividing annual salary including bonuses by 12 months
Example: Annual salary 3,000,000 yen / 12 months = 250,000 yen

* No entry is required if National Pension is specified.

* It's just a trial calculation.The final amount will be determined by JPS and the tax office based on your payment record.

How to apply?

All you have to do is send us the necessary documents! It can be completed only on the smart phone!

Please respond to the only 3 steps!

1 Contact us using the “Form Request” below  . 

The page we will send you contains details of the required documents and information.


2 Take a picture and send the required documents from the “application form”.


3 Please sign and reply to the electronic proxy form we will send you. You can sign it with your smartphone, No need printing.

Documents required for pension refund

Flow of Claim Procedure

The procedure is divided into 2 parts. It takes about 7 months to complete.

1st Pension Application

A decision will be made in about 5 months after application.

20% of the pension amount will be tax deductible in Japan, and 80% will be directly deposited into your designated account. If there are any problems, We provide solutions and advice to help you receive your pension.

Pension book, calculator and money

2nd  Tax Refund

We will file a 20% refund with the tax office on your behalf.

Your 20% refund will be credited to our account from the tax office and we will remit the money to your account deducting a handling fee.

This process takes about two months from the time the pension is approved.

The process is complete!

Our fee will be offset against this refund and the remainder will be sent to you.

tax return

↓ Sample of Pension Decision Letter ↓

Sample of Pension Decision Letter

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Only success-fee, No upfront fee!

If you can not receive your pension for some reason, there is no charge.


Free Trial



ONLY 30,000yen!

Leave all the difficult paperwork to us!!

For all status


・技能実習 Technical intern trainees

・特定技能 Specified skilled worker etc..


Pension and pension tax refund application services

・Correcting and reapplying for incomplete applications

・Correspondence with the Japan Pension Service

・Tax administrator services, etc.

Tax included

Overseas remittance fee excluded.

The fee will be settled from the refunded tax amount. 

Therefore, there is no initial fee.

Beware of unlicensed contractors.

Paid application agency is only allowed for Labor and Social Security Attorney who is a national qualification.

The unlicensed contractors are cheap, but they have problems with non-payment of pensions, delays of pension decisions, incomplete documentation, and so on. We are quick and accurate.

Common problems with unlicensed contractors
・I have not received my pension for a long time.
・They don’t correct the deficiencies.
・There is no report at all.
・I can’t get my tax refund. Someone stole my tax refund. etc.

As your Japanese Branch

Pension book and money

We are veterans of this area.

We offer a smooth and accurate nenkin application service for foreigners who work in Japan.
We, a licensed nenkin expert agency, apply for Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment on your behalf. Only certified social insurance consultants can offer Lump-Sum application outsourcing services.
We have an excellent track record in this field. We’ve helped more than 25,000 foreigners and have received stellar reviews from them.
We can handle various cases regarding personnel labor matters since we have a reliable tax and legal experts network, including certified accountants, certified tax accountants, certified administrative procedures legal specialists.
We are here for you with the know-how we earned from years of experience.

A large number of pension decision letters
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Services Inbound
These are services for foreign workers and the companies that employ foreign workers
-A proxy service for Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment
-A proxy service for Lump-Sum childbirth allowance in case your child was delivered overseas.
-Personnel management of foreign workers

● Outbound
These are services for personnel and labor management regarding relocation and business trips overseas
-Creating rules for overseas assignments and overseas business trips.
-Checking and modifying overseas safety manuals

●Correspondent Banks
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Shinsei Bank, Rakuten Bank, and more.

Please feel free to contact us.

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