To those waiting for pension results.

Many people have applied on their own but have not received any contact from the Japan Pension Service(JPS). Usually, the review takes about 5 months, but if there are any issues, it can take a significantly longer time.

We can check the status of your review.

If necessary, we can contact the JPS and resolve any issues with your documents. Additionally, we can support the refund of the 20% tax deducted from your pension.

If you have not received any results at all after your application, Please use this form to contact us, attach the necessary documents, and with a request to “check the status of my application”.

*Please note that this service is fee-based. It is a condition that you request us to handle everything from pension confirmation to 20% tax refund.
You need to provide us with the same documents as you submitted to the JPS and apply for our service.