To all staff members of private schools,university.

We have received numerous applications from professors who have worked in Japanese schools.

If you were employed as a professor or affiliated with a private university, there is a possibility that you are enrolled in a type of pension called “Mutual Aid Pension”.

In addition to the regular lump-sum withdrawal payment, you may be eligible to receive a special pension.

If you have worked for at least one year as a staff member in a private school, you may be able to receive a “Retirement Pension.”

This applies to staff members of private schools, local government employees, employees of Japan Tobacco Industry, and others.

You can identify if you are eligible by checking your pension number.

For Mutual Aid Pension, the first digit usually starts with “9”.  For example, 9500 (Private School Mutual Aid) or 9400 (Local Government Mutual Aid) etc.

In such cases, you can also apply for the Retirement Pension, so please feel free to contact us.