The Earliest Apply for Lump Sum Withdrawal Payment.

You are probably finishing up your job and leaving Japan soon and wishing to get your nenkin refund as quickly as possible. To get a lump sum as soon as possible, here is a tip: apply for a lump sum while you are still in Japan.

You’re maybe wondering now, “Wait, one of the conditions to apply for a lump sum is that I don’t have a home address in Japan. How can I apply while I’m living in Japan?”

Yes, that is a condition.

When you leave Japan, you have to file “Kougai (Kaigai) Tenshutsu Todoke” that you are moving to another country to your city office and remove your residence certificate, jumin-hyo (住民票).

You can file kokugai tenshutsu todoke to your city about ten days before your departure in many municipalities. (It depends on each municipality’s policy, so please make sure you get the correct information)

If you have already decided on your departure date, you can notify them.

When you do that, get a kokugai tenshutsu shomeisho (国外転出証明書) which is an official document that proves you filed kokugai (kaigai) tenshutsu todoke (国外転出届) and notified your city office that you’re moving to a foreign country.

The kokugai tenshutsu shomeisho (国外転出証明書) states that you moved to a foreign country, kokugai ni tenshutu (国外に転出) in Japanese.

Please make sure you get the right one.

With the kokugai tenshutsu shomeisho in hand,  you can apply for your lump sum while you are still in Japan, as it fulfills the condition that you don’t have a home address in Japan anymore.

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Here is another tip.

The Japanese Pension Service closes lump sum applications around the 20th every month. If you apply after the deadline, your application will be carried over to next month. So, it would be better to apply before the deadline if you can.

Foreigners who’ve worked for more than six months may be able to get a refund of the pension insurance you’ve paid.

We have tons of tips to help you receive your lump sum efficiently. Please feel free to contact us if you want to get your refund at the earliest possible date.

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You can apply easily using DocuSign, and the refund money will be transferred into your foreign bank account.

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