How to register for NENKIN-NET, where you can check your pension records instantly!

Summary of this article

・NENKIN-NET is a website that allows you to check your pension information at any time.

・This article explains how to register.

・When registering, you can easily register if you have your My Number Card.

If not, you can obtain an “access key” to register.

NENKIN-NET is the official website of the Japan Pension Service (JPS) where you can easily check your pension information via the Internet.

You can check your pension information online anytime by using NENKIN-NET.

Although registration is a bit cumbersome, it is a convenient service for foreign nationals working in Japan.

1.Advantages of using this service

You can easily check your pension record at any time.

The first advantage is that you can easily check your pension record at any time.

Sometimes, you have to take a day off from work on weekdays to inquire about the estimated amount of your pension at the pension office.

With NENKIN-NET, you can check your pension information at any time, and check the pension plan you are enrolled in and the payment status on a monthly basis.

You can estimate the amount of your expected pension.

The second advantage is that you can set various conditions to estimate your expected pension amount.

Those who have paid pension for more than 10 years in Japan are eligible to receive the Japanese old-age pension when they turn 65 years old.

NENKIN-NET allows you to estimate the expected amount of pension according to your future working style, and also allows you to estimate the amount of pension you will receive if you “bring forward” your pension to receive it earlier than age 65 or “bring down” it to receive it later than age 65.

You can also apply for the old-age pension from abroad.

In that case, you will need your Japanese pension number, so do not forget to keep it.

And above all, don’t forget to apply for your pension!

2. How to register for Pension Net

First, go to the NENKIN-NET website and click on “Register”.

There are 2 ways to register for Pension Net.

NENKIN-NET website.

2-1. People who know their own “MY number”.

If you know your own MY number, you can easily register it with NENKIN-NET through a government website called “マイナポータル”.

The procedure is as follows

Click the “Connect” button for “NENKIN-NET (JPS)” on the “More Connections” page of マイナポータル.

Agree to the “Terms of Use” of ” NENKIN-NET “.

Click the ” NENKIN-NET (JPS)” button on the “Connect More” screen.  Register your e-mail address



2-2. Registration using an “access key

If you do not have a My Number Card or do not know how to log in to “マイナポータル”

you will need two things: an “access key” and a “user ID”.

Follow the steps below to register with NENKIN-NET.


My Number Card log in screen.

obtain an access key.

The “access key” is a 17-digit number issued by the Japan Pension Service, and is required to apply for a “user ID” as described below.

The access key is listed on the postcard called “Nenkin-Teikibin” that you receive in your birth month, but it is only valid for 3 months. If you have the postcard of the “Annuity Periodical Letter” in hand, please check it.

If you do not know your access key, click the link below to apply for an access key.

Reference: Japan Pension Service, “Starting to Use Nenkin Net.

Application for issuance of “User ID

The next step is to apply for the issuance of a “user ID.

To apply, click “Access Key Available” on the aforementioned link, and enter your access key and password.

You will be notified of your user ID by postcard in about 5 business days after the application.

I was issued a user ID using this method.

Actual postcard “Notice of User ID

Actual postcard "Notice of User ID

Completion of registration

Enter your user ID and password on the NENKIN-NET login screen.

Reference: Japan Pension Service “Nenkin-net Login

Reference:日本年金機構「ねんきんネット ログイン」

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