Not receiving pension payments even after receiving the notification of decision.

It is quite common to hear concerns about not receiving pension payments even after receiving the notification of decision.

What might be the causes of such occurrences, and how can they be resolved?

1. Problems bank information

When applying, the submission of a bank statement is a necessary requirement.

If there are any inaccuracies in the bank name or account number, documents may be returned by JPS before the decision, requiring a resubmission with the correct information.

However, what could be the reason for the inability to make payments after the decision has been made?

The issue lies with problems in the provided bank information, such as:

1-1 Closure of the designated account:

In some cases, the account closure after the decision has been made prevents the transfer. This is a common issue for applicants from countries like the Philippines or Vietnam, and the reasons for closure remain unclear.
If an account is closed, JPS is unaware of the background. The approval of the application initiates the transfer to the submitted bank information.

Ensuring the submission of an active account is crucial, though in many cases, this issue persists.

1-2 Inaccuracies in the provided bank information:

This often occurs with applicants who do not provide a bank statement issued by the bank. Sometimes, credit card statements are submitted as proof of account, and mistakenly, the card number is provided instead of the correct account number. This leads to a successful application process but a failed transfer.

2.To resolve transfer issues

To resolve transfer issues, it is challenging and time-consuming.

JPS cannot process immediate transfers, so patience is necessary.

The first step is to request a resend from JPS via mail, including the correct bank statement and account information.

It will take approximately 3-4 months for the resend to be processed.

Though we can help address such problems, the resolution process cannot be expedited.

It is vital to apply with the correct account details initially.

If you need our assistance, please feel free to reach out.