The Importance of Updating Your Address Before Leaving Japan: Impact on Nenkin Refund and Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment

When concluding your employment in Japan and preparing to return to your home country, it is vitally important to ensure that all necessary administrative procedures are correctly completed before your departure. One commonly overlooked aspect when leaving Japan is the requirement to notify local authorities of your move and remove your address from official records. In this article, we will specifically explore the potential risks associated with leaving Japan without updating your address, particularly in relation to Nenkin Refund (pension refund) and Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment.

What Happens If You Leave Japan Without Removing Your Address?

First and foremost, if your address in Japan remains unchanged, you will be unable to apply for both the Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment and Nenkin Refund. Forgetting to update your address can result in the loss of these financial benefits.

To be eligible to apply for a Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment, you must meet one of the following criteria:

Submit a moving-out notice to your local city or ward office and leave Japan.

Resign from a Japanese company.

If your Japanese address remains on record, you will be deemed ineligible to apply for the Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment as it will be assumed that you do not meet the necessary criteria.

It’s worth noting that for individuals holding a residence card, their address will be automatically removed when the card expires. However, as this automatic removal may take some time, individuals with urgent needs are advised to take the initiative to update their address themselves.

In addition, if you go back to your country with an assumed address in Japan, you may end up with a claim for Japanese residence tax or National Health Insurance.

Notification of moving out of residence certificate

When deleting a Japanese address, the important thing is the notification of moving out of the residence certificate.

You can register a moving out 14 days before the scheduled date of moving out.

In order to submit a moving out report, it is better to consult the nearest municipality.

If you have your passport and residence card, you can go through the procedure, but if you don’t have a residence card, you should also ask if you can use your My Number Card, Basic Resident Register Card, National Health Insurance Card, Medical Card for the Elderly and Long-Term Care Insurance Certificate.


If you fail to change your address before returning home, it may be difficult for you to receive a pension refund or a lump-sum withdrawal payment. Let’s make the departure as smooth as possible, both economically and administratively, by proactively carrying out necessary procedures and complying with Japanese laws and regulations.

Hirano International Labor Office handles procedures for Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments upon return to Japan.

We have heard many customers say that it is difficult for them to proceed with the procedures for lump-sum withdrawal payments on their own, so please consult with us about even the simplest matters.

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