What is a Bank Certificate and Why You Need It for Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment

When returning to Japan after a short stay in Japan, one of the most important financial considerations for foreign workers is known as the “Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment.” In this article, we will explore the significance of the bank certificate in the application process for the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment and guide you through the necessary procedures to obtain it.

What is the Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment?

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Documents required to claim Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment (Certificate of Bank Account)

Among the various documents required to claim the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment, the “Bank Account Certificate” plays an important role. The Certificate of Bank Account is an official document that proves that you have a valid bank account in Japan, without which you will not be able to claim the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment.

How to Obtain a Bank Certificate

The procedure for obtaining a bank certificate is as follows

Do not forget to issue it before you return to your country.

Go to the bank Visit the branch of the bank where you have opened your account. Tell the bank staff that you need a bank certificate in order to claim the lump-sum withdrawal payment.

Request the certificate: You will be briefed on the procedures required to obtain the certificate. Generally, you will need to provide identification (e.g., passport) and information on the branch/account to which the lump-sum withdrawal payment will be transferred.

Payment of fees Some banks may charge a fee for issuing bank certificates. Be sure to check the amount of the fee and be prepared to cover the cost.

Receive a certificate: Once your bank has completed the necessary procedures and you have paid the required fees, a bank certificate will be issued. Please keep this certificate in a safe place as it is an important document for your application for a lump-sum withdrawal payment.

In addition, documents with the following information are best

name of the bank Or branch name

Account number

Account name (must be in your name)

Importance of the bank account certificate and why it is needed

The bank account certificate is an essential document for claiming the Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment.

Without the bank account certificate, there may be delays in receiving the money or complications in the process. Therefore, the process of applying for a bank account certificate should be completed diligently before departure.


Obtaining a bank account certificate is essential to receive the lump-sum withdrawal payment smoothly.

You can visit the bank, pay the required fee, and provide the necessary information to have it issued. For more information on bank certificates and the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment procedure, please visit our website.

Hirano International Labor Office handles procedures for Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments upon return to Japan.

We have heard many customers say that it is difficult for them to proceed with the procedures for lump-sum withdrawal payments on their own, so please consult with us about even the simplest matters.

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